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You’ll embark on a 12 week programme that covers everything from intention setting and progress tracking to weigh-ins and wellbeing check-ins (yes, the two are intrinsically linked!). We’ll guide you through the whole programme from nutrition and meal planning to hydration to the importance of everyday movement to workouts to monitoring sleep patterns and embracing meditation. You’ll be provided with a progress journal with prompts and guides to support you along the way.



You’ll be a part of a community of Lift Leaners, all following the programme together - not only championing yourself but your fellow Lift Lean team, working together to support your individual intentions. 


With the help and support from our team and your fellow Lift Leaners you’ll be so motivated you’ll choose to stay on track and complete the full programme. 

Just remember, each time you show up, you’re showing up for yourself and your fellow Lift Leaners. Doing it together is what makes this such a powerful and successful experience.


The bonus? You’ll make some great friends along the way.


Throughout the 12 week programme we'll cover:

  • Nutrition, diet and meal planning

  • Ingredients and meal preparation

  • Hydration and living caffeine & alcohol-free for the duration of the programme

  • Hormonal balance and its impact on our energy levels

  • Workouts, fitness goals and everyday movement

  • Skeletal muscle - what it is and why it matters

  • Sleep patterns and circadian rhythms

  • Meditation and breathwork

  • Intermittent fasting and the science behind it

  • Weigh ins, food tracking, wellbeing tracking and journaling 

  • Group circle time for guided meditation, sharing, celebrating and supporting each other

Cross Fit Class
Indoor Zumba Class


The Lift Lean programme is only available to Body Balance Gym members as you’ll be invited to make full use of our facilities from working out in the gym and joining our group exercise classes to joining our closed Lift Lean Whatsapp community and sharing circles. 


The programme makes full use of the Body Balance classes timetable and our high quality gym equipment and facilities. Whether you choose to come to regular classes each week, work with one of our personal trainers on an individualised training plan, work out on your own or with your Lift Lean buddies following our workout guides - you’ll be expertly guided through the 12 week programme with full support from the Body Balance team and your fellow Lift Leaners.



The Next Steps:

  1. Sign up to our Introduction Session on Friday 5th January 2024 from 18.30-19.30 - you'll be given more details about the programme with the chance for a Q&A with Kim, the programme lead

  2. Commit by Registering to Join the January 2024 Lift Lean - payment must be made direct with Kim over the weekend of Fri 5 - Sun 7 January before joining.

  3. Over the weekend plan your first week of meals - follow our nutrition pack, do your weekly shop and prepare as much as possible for your first week on Lift Lean

  4. Join our kick off circle and officially meet your fellow Lift Leaners on Monday 8th January from 19.00-20.30 (payment must be received before joining).

Cross Fit Class
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