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Body Balance

Welcome to Body Balance Clinic. After 20 years experience as a fitness professional and sports therapist specialising in G.P referrals , I am pleased to be able to offer a complete package for soft tissue injury and pain. Combining postural alignment, muscle release and massage with Pilates, muscle toning and strengthening for full rehabilitation. 

Also offering remedial therapy for pain and injury management. I have had particularly good results with Emmett therapy.


  • Massage

  • Emmett Technique

  • Reflexology

  • Postural Alignment

  • Power Plate

  • Sports Massage

Treatments and Classes
Personal Training

Personalised exercise program tailored to the individuals needs.

Pilates 1 - 1 

Mat based Pilates is a great way to improve strength, flexibility, balance and posture.

Massage - back

Massage therapy can break down scar tissue reducing muscular tension, relieving pain and promoting relaxation.

Massage  - full body 

Massage therapy can break down scar tissue reducing muscular tension, relieving pain and promoting relaxation.


Mapping the body through the feet, locating and treating imbalances and illness. Promoting wellness and relaxation.

Emmett Technique

The EMMETT Technique is based on the belief that light touch can trigger a relaxation response in the soft tissue of the body, and the therapist may help relieve tensions resulting in feelings of improved comfort within the body. 

Lift Lean 8 Week Eating and Fitness Plan 

Lift lean is an 8 week course designed to help you find out more about your body and how it works. There is science behind everything we teach on this course and we encourage small manageable changes you can introduce for the rest of your life.

Muscle tissue starts to reduce and metabolism starts to slow as we age. Lift lean increases muscle mass and our metabolism so we become more toned, defined, stronger and able to burn fat more efficiently . This also helps us increase bone density, low bone density can cause problems in later life. 


We start our 8 weeks with a meeting to discuss how the program works , what's included and to answer any questions, weight and a body fat measurements are recorded in this session and on the final session. There is a clean eating plan to follow and included are 16 class sessions and weekly weighing. We look at how our mental health and stress effects our ability to loose weight and we look at ways to combat this .  A closed social media group is also offered for support and encouragement.

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